GPS devices, 2G 3G 4G

GPS devices, difference in 2G, 3G, 4G technologies in GPS monitoring

GPS devices are related to 2G, 3G and 4G technologies, which are used for data transmission.  Although these networks or technologies are directed to the field of telephony, they are ...

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Bluetooth sensors.

Sensors with Bluetooth connectivity and its applications

Bluetooth sensors are devices that allow you to link to GPS technology, to send information about the current state of a vehicle.  Basically these sensors can be connected and linked ...

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Cargo transportation

Freight transportation, benefits of fleet management tools.

Cargo transportation is one of the main industries of any country.  It is essential for the movement of goods at the national and international level and constitutes the most important ...

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vehicle fleet

Control and monitoring of vehicle fleet with DeltaTracking

DeltaTracking is a white label B2B software company. Which allows you to create a company and place a brand to offer vehicle fleet control and monitoring services.  “Through a vehicle ...

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Function of a GPS

Function of a GPS to monitor vehicles, in simple words.

The function of a GPS is to obtain the location of a vehicle, a material good, or a person since their signal is constantly received through satellites.  And depending on ...

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Successful Tracking Company

Processes you must consider for the success of your GPS monitoring company.

If you want to have a successful tracking company, the first step will be to know the GPS Software. In the case of DeltaTracking being able to learn the functions ...

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White Label

White label, the seven benefits of using a GPS tracking platform with it.

“White Label refers to a product or service totally compatible that is manufactured by one company but sold by another.”  White Label refers to Software that is created for the ...

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Collective transport

Monitoring and Fleet Management by GPS for the mass transit industry

Collective transport is a competitive industry that needs several entities for its operation, being these:  Unit partners: Usually the public transportation industry operates within a Corporation, in which partners contribute ...

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Recurring income

Generate recurring income with an initial minimum investment

“Every day more entrepreneurs around the world are looking to found businesses that focus on scalability, that is, businesses that with very little investment and a great idea in mind ...

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Reduction of Operating Expenses with DeltaTracking

DeltaTracking is a platform that through the tools of tracking, it monitors assets, vehicles or sales personnel. Works also to see the logistics, reduce times and protect loads or cargo ...

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