Door opening

Door opening sensor, everything you need to know to implement it in your vehicles

The door open sensor is a device used to determine if the doors of a vehicle are open or closed. This includes the hood and trunk.  By recording door opening ...

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Solution to vehicular theft

Tools of the DeltaTracking platform that support the recovery of stolen vehicles

DeltaTracking tools offer you a solution to vehicular theft, supporting you in the recovery of stolen vehicles.  These tools allow you to know the status of the units in real ...

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Event history

Difference between travel history and event history

Know the differences to apply them in your GPS monitoring company  Any company needing to implement GPS tracking, event history is essential, implement it with DeltaTracking.  GPS trackers allow you ...

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Accessories for logistics

Accessories and sensors that you can implement in the logistics industry

Everything you need to know for your logistics company  Vehicle monitoring allows the use of accessories for logistics with better control of the fleet with the DeltaTracking platform.  Logistics industries ...

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GPS Vehicle Tracking

Customer types who need GPS vehicle tracking solutions, identify them to generate profit

A company that offers vehicle GPS tracking solutions must know how to identify its potential customers. This is vital for growth in sales.  In the case of a GPS business, ...

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Roles and users

How Roles and Users Work on the DeltaTracking Platform

In fleet management software, a critical point is to establish which actions the different roles and users can perform. The purpose is to prevent a user from accidentally or intentionally ...

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Coban 303F device

Coban 303F device: everything you need to know to choose your devices

Coban device is manufactured by Shenzhen Coban Electronics, a Chinese company that specializes in manufacturing and exporting GPS trackers and anti-theft systems for automobiles and other transportation vehicles. Today we ...

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Construction machinery

DeltaTracking tools applied to the construction machinery industry

Devices in the construction machinery industry is often very expensive. Due to this, companies in the sector are looking for new ways to protect their investment. As well as executing ...

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Choosing a GPS device

Value for money: What is the determining factor in choosing a GPS device?

When choosing a GPS device for your fleet of vehicles, there are several factors that you must consider in order to obtain the best possible value for your money.  Although ...

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Instant notifications

Instant notifications, vehicle control and management have no limits

Control is achieved through instant notifications and alerts that arrive directly to mobile phones through the DeltaTracking platform.  This, through instant messaging applications, which allows them to be intuitive and ...

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