Concox UBI Device

Concox UBI team what benefits do these devices offer you

A device that is highly compatible with most sensors  The Concox UBI device mainly helps to evaluate driving behavior, know all the benefits that DeltaTracking offers you.  Concox equipment has ...

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Road drivers

Avoid risk to drivers on the road with DeltaTracking

Having a tracking platform will help you solve different situations  Drivers on the road are very prone to events and risks of different nature, track them and avoid them with ...

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Social distancing and GPS

How do GPS trackers work in social distancing?

Ensuring social distance between people can be tricky. Fortunately, technology has come to facilitate this work. Today social distancing and GPS go hand in hand thanks to a new personal device ...

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Queclink GV55 Series line everything you need to know to choose your GPS device

The features, benefits and advantages of the GV55 Line  By choosing the right device you will have better results, know all the characteristics of the GV55 series line with DeltaTracking.  ...

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GPS business management

What skills does a manager need for your GPS business?

Discover the characteristics of a good manager in a monitoring business with DeltaTracking  To achieve good profitability you need the GPS business management to work at its best, know the ...

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GPS for Public Transport

GPS ideal for Collective transport

GPS technology for public transport has filled a gap within this sector, which includes those means of transport that can move many people simultaneously.  The implementation of a GPS system ...

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Device module

How to add your GPS device to our platform step by step

In this note we will teach you step by step how to use the Devices module. You will learn how to add, modify or delete a GPS device on the ...

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Creation of routes

Creation of routes step by step from DeltaTracking

Correct route management reduces logistics costs and saves time and resources for companies. Today we explain step by step how the creation of routes works within the DeltaTracking platform.  When ...

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Vehicle support and tracking

Get to know the DeltaTracking Help Module and provide full support

Get the right support for your monitoring company  Through the help module of the DeltaTracking software you will have the appropriate tools for vehicle support and tracking.  Technical support is ...

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Cabin camera

Cabin camera for monitoring your fleet

Learn about the benefits DeltaTracking offers you when placing cameras in the cabin of vehicles  Placing a camera in the vehicle cabin is important and will give us important data ...

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