Asset monitoring

COVID and the monitoring industry for assets, impacts and opportunities

The crisis generated by COVID-19 has had a strong impact on all economic sectors. While some lines of businesses such as public transportation were hit by the pandemic, it favored ...

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Deltatracking Maintenance Guide

We teach you to program your automotive services in DeltaTracking, step by step

Keeping an efficient control of the automotive maintenance of the fleet is essential for companies that have vehicles.  Especially since this generates one of the highest costs they face. With ...

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CAN and GPS data

CAN data, complement for GPS tracking

In this article we will talk about CAN Data. We will explain what they are, how they work, what is their main use and how CAN and GPS data are ...

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Collector in GPS business

What skills does the collector need for my monitoring company

Learn how to generate profits by choosing your collector correctly  In this article DeltaTracking shares important information to choose your collector in GPS Business and thus optimize your company.  The ...

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Jointech and Coban

Jointech vs Coban devices, know their profitability and utility

If you want to know the solutions offered by the GPS tracking equipment, Jointech and Coban, their main characteristics and differences; the guarantee and support they offer; as well as ...

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GPS tracking business

New markets for the GPS tracking business

Identifying new market niches  Proactively researching the opportunity for new market niches is the task of every entrepreneur. In the case of a GPS tracking business, there will always be ...

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Teltonika's FMC line

Teltonika FMC line everything you need to know

We will introduce you to Teltonika’s FMC line, benefits, uses and characteristics so that you can implement it in your monitoring company  At DeltaTracking we give you the best options ...

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Geofences and satellite tracking

We teach you how to create Geofences in DeltaTracking step by step

It is important to implement perimeters for easy monitoring  With DeltaTracking you can implement geofences and satellite tracking, to establish perimeters and thus take necessary actions.  A geofence is a ...

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GPS for logistics

GPS ideals for logistics vehicles

Know which the best are for your monitoring company  At DeltaTracking we introduce you to the best GPS for logistics, so you can choose the ideal one and give it ...

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Booth microphone

Benefits of the cockpit microphone for driver management

Implementing satellite tracking in transportation fleet management has numerous benefits.  The adoption of these systems allows, among others, to place a microphone in the cab of the units, which is ...

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