GPS platform for companies

Advantages of DeltaTracking as a GPS tracking platform at an operational and administrative level in any type of business

DeltaTracking offers a business GPS platform that meets the international standards for satellite tracking.  It offers the best technology and multiple tools that make the GPS tracking task easier.  It ...

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BLE temperature sensors

BLE temperature sensors, accessories for your GPS device

BLE temperature sensors are used to wirelessly monitor room temperature.   These sensors generally send the information to a GPS device and measure the temperature in real time.  In addition, they ...

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Business for GPS

Industries where you can adapt and develop your GPS business

The Industry market for GPS is a constantly growing niche. The segment is driven by the demand for products and services associated with GPS tracking. As well as by the ...

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Coban approved

Coban devices homologated to DeltaTracking, get to know them

On this occasion we want to talk over the Coban brand devices approved to our DeltaTracking platform.  These Chinese-made navigators are good value for money, as they come with a ...

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GPS software

What you should consider in your GPS devices at the software or firmware level

In this article we will address some important aspects to consider about the GPS software and / or what is known as the firmware of these devices.  In addition to ...

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GPS Hardware

Fundamental components that you must consider in your GPS devices at the Hardware level

Today we want to talk to you about GPS hardware. In other words, the set of physical components of these devices.  Keep reading and know what are the fundamental components ...

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Gosafe G91S

Gosafe G91S, utility and profitability, everything you need to know to choose your GPS devices

Today we want to talk to you about the Gosafe G91S, a vehicle tracker designed for fleet management and personal use.  This device is manufactured in China by a leading ...

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Teltonika devices Approved

Teltonika devices approved for DeltaTracking, get to know them

Today is the turn to talk about the Teltonika brand devices approved/homologated to our DeltaTracking platform.  To homologate a device with us, it is required that you have a manual. ...

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GPS jamming

What is GPS jamming and how to avoid it?

GPS jamming is used by criminals to block the signal from GPS devices installed in vehicle fleets.  They do this to commit illicit acts, such as stealing the vehicles or ...

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GPS Clone

How to recognize a GPS clone?

When we talk about a GPS clone, we mean a device whose design was copied from a trademark. In other words, it is a GPS tracker that is not original.  ...

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