Eelink TK419 device

Eelink TK419, utility and profitability, everything you need to know to better choose your GPS devices

Today we want to tell you about the Eelink TK419 device, made by Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co Ltd., one of the leading China GPS tracker manufacturers and suppliers.  The ...

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OBD technology in GPS

OBD technology add-on/accessories for your GPS device

OBD technology in GPS has become an ally of the automotive sector and is currently used by telematics.  The acronym OBD stands for (“On Board Diagnostics” or Diagnostics On Board) ...

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Queclink approved

Queclink devices certified to DeltaTracking, get to know them

Today we want to talk to you about the Queclink devices approved for the DeltaTracking platform.  Queclink is a leading brand in the telematics industry whose largest market is Europe. ...

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How to avoid speeding with DeltaTracking

Controlling speeding is a challenge for logistics and transportation companies.  This type of control allows detecting when an asset exceeds the speed limit on the road. Or, the recommended limit for ...

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GPS Concox and Queclink

Concox GT300 vs Queclink GL200

The Concox and Queclink GPS are leaders in GPS technology. Both brands offer a wide range of devices manufactured to high requirement standards.  Today we will review the similarities and ...

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Teltonika FMB110

Teltonika FMB110, everything you need to know about this device

Today we want to introduce you to the Teltonika FMB110 tracker, one of the best accepted devices in the Latin American market.  It is a small-sized tracker that is perfectly ...

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Portable GPS

Using portable GPS for people tracking

Portable GPS devices for tracking people have become useful controlling and monitoring tools. They are currently used in the personal, family and work environment.  These devices have certain functionalities to ...

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Driver linking

Link your driver’s step by step with DeltaTracking

By linking drivers you can gain efficient control of your drivers, which is essential for transportation companies.  The act of assigning the personal profile of a driver to a vehicle ...

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Panic button

Panic Button Uses, via GPS and DeltaTracking

Implementing geolocation in a fleet of vehicles has many advantages. One of them is to improve transportation security, by installing a panic button.  The main benefit of having a panic ...

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Reportes DeltaTracking

Step-by-step report creation from DeltaTracking

By using the DeltaTracking Reports module you can obtain specific reports of your units with the registered monitoring information.  Doing so is quite simple, since our Platform is characterized by ...

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