GPS for Public Transport

GPS ideal for Collective transport

GPS technology for public transport has filled a gap within this sector, which includes those means of transport that can move many people simultaneously.  The implementation of a GPS system ...

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Creation of routes

Creation of routes step by step from DeltaTracking

Correct route management reduces logistics costs and saves time and resources for companies. Today we explain step by step how the creation of routes works within the DeltaTracking platform.  When ...

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Device module

How to add your GPS device to our platform step by step

In this note we will teach you step by step how to use the Devices module. You will learn how to add, modify or delete a GPS device on the ...

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Cabin camera

Cabin camera for monitoring your fleet

Learn about the benefits DeltaTracking offers you when placing cameras in the cabin of vehicles  Placing a camera in the vehicle cabin is important and will give us important data ...

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Vehicle support and tracking

Get to know the DeltaTracking Help Module and provide full support

Get the right support for your monitoring company  Through the help module of the DeltaTracking software you will have the appropriate tools for vehicle support and tracking.  Technical support is ...

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Satellite Tracking in 2021

New Advances in GPS Technology by 2021

Technology is constantly and rapidly evolving in all fields of human activity. Today we want to talk to you about GPS technology and the advances we can expect in the ...

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Emergency vehicles

5 DeltaTracking tools applied by law enforcement

The force of public order is of great importance to society, therefore the implementation of monitoring is vital  By GPS monitoring of emergency vehicles with DeltaTracking, different situations can be ...

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Agricultural sector and GPS

Sensors and accessories for the agriculture industry

Agriculture is very important for the economy of Latin American countries, therefore it is key to choose the best products for monitoring  The Agricultural and GPS sector, we will introduce ...

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Asset monitoring

COVID and the monitoring industry for assets, impacts and opportunities

The crisis generated by COVID-19 has had a strong impact on all economic sectors. While some lines of businesses such as public transportation were hit by the pandemic, it favored ...

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Homologation with DeltaTracking

Homologation process guaranteed with DeltaTracking

At DeltaTracking we can configure your GPS device so that you can use it with our tracking platform. The homologation process with DeltaTracking consists of configuring and adapting the information ...

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